2017 Reflections

Early in 2017 just after we acquired non-profit status we were made aware of the Mardi Gras Parade Horses offered for adoption by the Humane Society of Louisiana. They were being disposed of by an uptown New Orleans stable that had used them in multiple parades for Mardi Gras. Some were lesson horses but many were bought from local kill pens, brought to the stables for the parades, and then go back to the kill pens and ultimately ship to slaughter.

One such horse was ‘Gabby’ an all black mare with a small star on her forehead, emaciated, with saddle sores, the light looked like it had left her eyes some time ago. We knew we would start our very first fundraiser and bring her to our sanctuary. We were approved and were also able to adopt a red roan gelding by the name of Eli who had been a lesson horse and was now being retired.

Gabby is thriving as a sanctuary horse and is a herd favorite.

Eli is the only horse our sanctuary has ever allowed to be adopted. His adopter had been looking for a mature red roan saddle horse for some time when he heard about Eli. The fit was perfect and Eli now has his forever home, a donkey best friend and a family that loves him very, very much.

Lily, a Navajo Reservation mare was being offered by a kill pen in Peabody, KS She was in foal, obviously lame and one of the last mares to find a home out of the group. She would ship to slaughter in a few days, we couldn’t let that happen. I looked for someone locally who would be willing to pick her up and quarantine her until a home could be found. I was referred to a very good one, Lily was saved and not long after she gave birth to a beautiful colt who the foster named Caesar. Lily is a very good Mom and she and her baby will be safe, forever.

In late summer we were told of a little Mustang mare that was adopted from the BLM specifically to be trained for the Mustang Magic to be held in Ft. Worth, TX that fall. Her trainer had fallen behind schedule and wasn’t going to be able to compete so it was sell her on reassignment or send her back to the BLM. The BLM advised her owner to try and find her a home. Problem was the reassignment fee was only $125 so there were a a lot of people interested but an ideal home was a must, and hard to find. We approached her owner and offered her a home at our sanctuary. Sweet Seven is now a member of our little herdlet and runs with the Mustang gang.

In late October we rescued our last horse of 2017, an older Mustang mare out of a KS kill pen. She was in bad shape, emaciated and lame, we knew we had to try and save her. I contacted my now trusted quarantine/friend and asked her if she possibly had room for a tiny mare if the sanctuary started a fundraiser for her, the answer was yes. Donations came in fast and by the next Thursday she was on her freedom ride. Aspen came to live at the sanctuary on December 2, 2017 She is now buddies with Gabby, our former Mardi Gras Parade horse and also is part of the ‘Mustang Gang’

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