King Top HMA – Delta, UT

Cinders is from the King Top Mountain HMA near Delta, UT not far from the Conger Mountains. She was foaled in 2000 and was gathered as an 8 month old in an emergency removal. There has not been a gather since.

‘The original source of the animals is unknown.The King Top horses tend to be a bit smaller than the Conger horses. The herd is dominated black, bay, and brown colors. Light colors are uncommon. The wild horses on this HMA average 13 to 14 hands tall and weigh 700 to 900 pounds.’

She was adopted out of the Ewing, IL corrals and was titled in OH The paper trail runs cold until she showed up at the Bastrop Kill Pen in 2016.

Where was she for those other 14 years or so? We will most probably never know but she is home now, forever.

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