Gabby is an 11 year old black most probably Quarter Horse mare with a white mark on her forehead. She has no other distinguishing marks or characteristics. She is a little head shy and although she has been trimmed by our farrier on the front, she would not allow her back feet touched, possibly an old injury or fear. She is quite friendly with other horses but a bit shy of humans although its clear she wants to trust.

She was purchased by Cascade Stables in uptown New Orleans to be used as a parade horse for the 2017 Mardi Gras. After the festivities she would go back to the broker she was purchased from and most probably ship to slaughter in Mexico.

The Humane Society of Louisiana stepped in to make sure these ‘parade horses’ would not go to slaughter and worked tirelessly to get each one adopted to approved homes. When I saw Gabby I knew she was going to come to our sanctuary and retire, and indeed she did. She is settling in and learning what it means to have food, companionship and love.

Gabby has no history that we can find prior to her purchase by Cascade Stables for Mardi Gras. Her coggins was pulled on 1.31.2017. We know she was purchased prior to that by the infamous kill buyer Anton Wald of Kenner, LA and was then run through Dominques’s Livestock Market in Opelousas, LA where she was purchased for Mardi Gras.

Gabby’s history is vague but her future shines with hope!

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