Parade Horses To Pasture Puffs

When I first read the story of the Mardi Gras Parade Horses, this paragraph struck me immediately,

“These horses need to be placed quickly. It is no secret they are purchased from a broker and many are returned to him. Some of them had no future when they were purchased by the broker but now they can have a future, with your help. The broker who sells these horses to the riding stables has sold these horses back to a kill pen in Bastrop, Louisiana in the past. Because of this many advocates for equines have come together to help the stables re home them responsibly. Please, like, share, adopt.”

As you know from a previous post the sanctuary adopted Gabby and Eli, they have been at their foster home for less than a week and the change in them is remarkable.

Gabby and Eli
l. to r. Gabby, Queenie, Eli

They are now what is known as Pasture Puffs.

pasture puff
n. Gloss: a horse or other animal that has been retired from a working life.

Because of the many people who saw the potential in a couple of older horses and donated to their transport expenses, Eli and Gabby will continue to learn how to be ‘pasture puffs’ I think they are fast learners.



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