Tribute To Teddy Bear

Gentle, kind Teddy Bear, you slipped through my fingers like sand so very close to being mine, but it wasn't meant to be.

The old bay pony that what they called you - shaggy, thin and sad. But in your younger days, you were their pride. With your glossy flame red coat, jet mane and pristine stockings, you were the envy of the neighborhood.

Teddy Bear, i wonder how many children you patiently taught to ride, guarding each precious boy and girl with your life, careful of every step. You were their fantasy stallion and constant companion. Those were the best days of your life. You were respected and well loved with so many hugs and carrots it was hard to count them all.

But life moved on. The children grew up. Everyone forgot about you standing in that barren field dreaming of days gone by and hoping someone, anyone would come and feed you a carrot or give you a good scratch...

Inevitably, the day came. You became disposable. Loaded onto a trailer and hauled to a sale, a dealer bid and that was that.

Things quickly went downhill from there. You endlessly paced the fence trying to get out--trying desperately to go home. The stress and homesickness were too much and you became ill. Each movement and labored breath was agony, until mercifully the last breath came and you were set free from this world.

Sweet, sweet Teddy Bear, I wanted badly to have a chance to love you, to let you know that you were still special! But life got in the way, delaying your arrival by one week. And in that week, you got sick and died. I haven't been the same since, filled with "what ifs" and "if only's". My heart is broken knowing that you died feeling unloved and abandoned. Sadly, I never got to know you, but I want you to know that I love you and will never forget!

Run free little buddy. Hugs and much love from your "would-have-been-mom"


Written by Jill Weimer