Sanctuary Residents

 The Geldings


Matt was born at a 'rescue' that has since been shut down. He had been adopted many times because of his wonderful confirmation and gentle nature. He was always returned because he was only halter broken and not responsive to abusive 'breaking' techniques, starvation and cruelty. Matt is a sweet horse but, he's never forgotten the cruelty inflicted upon him and has temper tantrums. We love him dearly.


Strider is most probably Matt's younger brother. We know they have the same sire, a TB named Casey. Strider endured the same rough treatment every time his brother was adopted, he went as well because the 'rescue' said they couldn't be separated. No one really wanted this big guy but he went nevertheless. Strider too, has never forgotten the abuse but has come to trust us. He will stay here forever as Strider explodes when too much stress is placed on his already abused soul. He's very protective of Matt and is the patriarch of the herd.



Abandoned along with his pregnant mother, Pardner had a rough start in life. He had been injured by a stallion, was emaciated, and was no one's special guy. Pardner now has a forever home at this sanctuary and has turned out to be looker. He wants so badly to be the leader of our little band but still lacks the maturity and wisdom to do so. In time grasshopper, in time.



Sirius is an off the track thoroughbred, and was learning to be a dressage horse until the day he came up from the pasture, lame. An operation at Texas A&M allowed him to be a companion horse only, so he came to live with us, and we are so glad he did. Sirius now spends his days as a beautiful 'pasture puff.'  Up in years Sirius Black lives a quiet and dignified life here at the sanctuary.


Purchased at auction as a weanling, Blue's owner wanted to turn a quick buck and put him up for sale. We saw his picture and knew this little boy had to come to the sanctuary to live in peace and tranquility. Blue is a very sweet, but independent little guy whose an absolute beauty. Once matured he became the herd sire of our little Quarter Horse band, he is very protective of the 'Quarter Horse Gang' and is a loving and beautiful soul.


Shadows Cattle Man, was purchased at auction by a young woman who found out the next day he was lame.
Looking for a barrel prospect this guy needed a home. We found out about Micco and decided we had room for this little guy.
Micco is coming along nicely but will need a lot of time to trust again. And we have all the time he needs. Micco has matured into a beautifully built gelding and his best friend is J. J.


J. J. is as loveable and kind as any horse I've ever been around. Rejected and kicked by his mother, J. J. lost an eye but this resilient little boy didn't let it hold him back. This is one very sweet little QH/Arab. When Sugar came into sanctuary J. J. was quick to bond with Sugar and show him the ropes. He has now bonded with Micco, as Sugar found Thriller.



Sugar is a shy, reserved little boy and one of the sweetest babies I've had the pleasure to be around. He has paired up with our little Thriller and the two are inseparable. We call them 'the little couple' as they are always together. He is indeed, 'sweet as sugar'. Sugar is now as tall as the TB's as he is TB/Appy, he's lost the beautiful baby blanket he once had but is still a showstopper.



Sky is a beautiful Mustang gelding with 60 days gentling. He is an 'in your pocket' boy with a wonderful disposition. His mother, Earth, was a rescued Mustang mare who sadly passed when Sky was only a yearling. She and two other pregnant mares were from a infamous seizure in Nebraska. Sky has matured into the classic Spanish Mustang look with his gorgeous mane, he has paired up with our little Abby and are very bonded.



Rain is Sky's foal from an accidental breeding with our Mustang mare, Wind one of the Nebraska 3 Strikes mares that came to sanctuary. He is much like his sire in personality and like his dam. He's still but a youngster and will live all the rest of his days here with mom and dad.


River is a stunning blue roan branded Mustang that is not interested in being anyone's saddle horse or even their friend for that matter. He was returned after his initial adoption from the BLM as being 'too much horse' for the adopter to handle. He was then adopted a second time. Two trainers gave up on him, his owner had to figure out what to do with a mustang that was still wild at heart. River now lives at our sanctuary perfectly content to run with the QH gang and just be a horse. He is learning how to get along, we know he's happy



The Mares


This is Abby, the cutest little buckskin mare around these parts. At only around 14H I call her 'Shorty' and she knows her nickname. Abby came to us with an aged TB gelding companion that needed a place to call home since the family that rescued them were moving out of state. We were happy to give both a retirement home. Abby's friend, Daniel was quite old and passed away in his stall, peacefully after a year with us. Not having a buddy she was rather adrift until we rescued an aged gelding named Doc, what a friendship that was, you never saw one with out the other. Doc passed in late 2015 and again Abby was without a friend, until Sky. Now just like her previous friends, you rarely see Sky and Abby apart. They are an endearing little couple and both so very gentle and sweet.



'Baby Brat', as we like to call her, was born here at the sanctuary. Her dam is Abby, her sire, Blue. Yes, sometimes one has an unplanned breeding. Thriller will live at the sanctuary and be spoiled befitting the treasure she has become for the rest of her life. She and Sugar make quite the pair. Now at 7 years old, Thriller is trying on the role of 'Boss Mare' she not doing a bad job, just needs to curb her enthusiasm a bit.


Wind is one of the branded Mustang mares from the 3 Strikes Ranch seizure in Nebraska in 2009. She came to our sanctuary pregnant with Breeze. She had two companions, Fire and Earth. Earth gave birth to Sky, but Fire lost her foal to the stress of her journey to us. Wind is a very large mare and wild. She was not treated well by humans in the past and she will not make that mistake again. We allow her to be herself and we think apart from not being able to be released back into the wild, she is content.



This beauty is the daughter of Wind, one of the three pregnant Mustangs from the Nebraska 3 Strikes seizure. She is wild as her mother but curious and loving. Breeze makes a wonderful addition to our sanctuary herd. At 7 years old Breeze is a stunning unbranded Mustang mare with just the right touch of chrome. She lives with her dam and half brother Rain.
She thinks she is all that and a bag of chips!


This is Cinder, rescued from the kill pen at Bastrop, Louisiana in September. She is a branded Mustang mare about 15 years old either sold at auction or delivered to the kill pen like so much trash. Cinder was on her way to slaughter as no one was going to bail a beat up, limping, wounded mare that looked as though she had either fallen in the truck and been trampled or possibly been used at a Mexican rodeo. Once I'm able to read her brand her history will become clear. She is an absolute treasure, I can tell there was a time when someone loved her and possibly had high hopes for her before circumstances turned against her. She will remain here the rest of her days, learning that love is all around her and she need never worry again.





 Some horses come to the sanctuary with names, these are changed upon arrival.
 Change their name, change their luck. Then again some come with names so perfect...