Our Mission

To provide refuge for equine that might otherwise be abandoned, slaughtered or suffer abuse and neglect. Our sanctuary provides shelter,  rehabilitation, and long term to end of life care. We also offer basic education to anyone interested in learning how to take care of equine either already in their care or if they are considering adding an equine member to their family.


Our Philosophy

We believe that the most stress free world for animals is one that mimics their natural environment as closely as possible. Horses were not meant to spend 23 hours a day in stalls. In the wild, horses roam free, and bond together with their herd... that is what they do here too!

Horses are grazing animals and were meant to live primarily on forage. Here in southern Oklahoma, we are blessed with a fairly mild climate. Our horses can comfortably live outdoors most of the year with minimal blanketing. Our residents have access to shelter at all times should they choose to use it. They are supplemented with high quality free choice hay during the winter.

To complement our pastures and hay, we feed the horses with high quality feeds. With high levels of energy from fat and low levels from rapidly digestible starch, readily available minerals, and high quality all plant protein ingredients, it is specially designed to meet the energy, mineral and protein needs of our retired equine friends.