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"If God has a kind of plan for all of us,
   I'd like to think he coupled me with horses right from the start."
                          -Wild Horse Annie



"Keeping the spirit alive"



 In the 1950's a group concerned with the welfare of America's diminishing wild horse herds formed under the leadership of Velma Bronn Johnston.
Better known as
``Wild Horse Annie,'' this woman from Nevada, along with many others, worked to ensure a place for wild horses and burros
on Federal rangelands.
In 1971, Congress passed The Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act.







The Story of Earth, Wind and Fire





  Fire is a Desatoya Nevada HMA mare captured as a six year old.

Earth is a Sweetwater Wyoming HMA mare.

Wind is a Buckhorn Nevada mare HMA, captured as a three year old.